Our products

We provide a range of innovative inspection and monitoring products.

These include:


Our vehicle mounted inspection system, OmniInspector can be used by track inspectors to undertake basic visual inspections from their desktop, rather than the trackside. It is designed to inspect either plain line or more complex sections such as switches and crossings.

Key benefits

  • Reduces need for  manual inspections resulting in reduced disruption to the network and reduced safety risks
  • Significant reduction in cost surveys
  • Easy monitoring of assets conditions overtime with fully auditable electronic data provided
  • Images available within only a few hours of the survey taking place


Our real-time positioning system, OmniRTPS provides continuous spatial and linear positioning data and replaces traditional manually operated systems used on most measuring vehicles.

It uses a GPS internal measurement system, railway track centreline model and innovate match mapping technology to gain a typical accuracy of +-1m, even in tunnels and cuttings. The unit is also self-contained and designed to have little or no human interaction meaning that it can be fitted to any rail vehicle.

In the UK the system generates engineer’s line reference, track identifier and mileage data. OmniSurveyor3D

Key benefits

  • Positioning accuracy of +-1m, 95% confidence level
  • Trend analysis is possible through comparison of run on run position data
  • Ability to provide position and synchronisation signals to third party systems
  • Easy integration with third party systems
  • Real time track view provides information on on-train staff


To support the operation of a 24/7 rail network, the award winning OmniVision system high resolution cameras and cutting-edge pattern recognition software to automate the detection of track defects. It also means that tracks do not have to be closed for inspection.

To maximise the efficiency of the survey vehicles, data can be captured at speeds in excess of 160km/h and the system can be integrated with other systems including geometry measurement, laser profiling and OmniRTPS.

Key benefits

  • Improved safety through reducing the frequency of inspections
  • Digital records of existing track infrastructure is generated
  • Qualitative and auditable assessment of infrastructure condition
  • Creation of a comprehensive database of track defects and their location


Our Digital Imaging for Condition Asset Monitoring (DIFCAM) provides a safe, automated and efficient method of carrying out basic visual inspections. It removes the need for potentially dangerous and costly access to road and rail networks and eradicates subjective matters associated with human inspections over time.

DIFCAM captures a complete visual record and a 3D model. This data can be compared to previously captured data to identify deteriorating conditions or new defects.

Key benefits

  • Rapid data capture
  • Data rich architectural models
  • Inspection to inspection comparison

Reduced cost and labour requirements

Track Locator

The Track Locator app displays your location on a fully scalable map. It uses its own location service to determine its current location and converts this to the UK rail network standard rail referencing system of ‘Engineering Line Reference and Mileage’.

When a user then captures an image it is stamped with its location including longitude and latitude and map matched ELR and mileage with images saved to the Camera Roll or Gallery for future use.

Key benefits

  • Real time accurate track position
  • Images stamped with positional information
  • Conversations between yards and chainage